Following my dream

Bev with swimming champ Clarice Artis
Bev with swimming champ Clarice Artis

Hello my name is Bev Wilkinson and this is a blog which documents my journey of creating a job that I am passionate about.

I’m a communications graduate from Griffith University on the Gold Coast and I struggled to find a job that I cared about. Despite having a degree I was stuck doing jobs I don’t need a degree to do! These have ranged from retail, santa photography, ride operator, event usher, catering van cashier and telemarketing.

All I wanted to do was what i’m qualified to do! So out of frustration I created Celebrate Living History  which is a internship program focussed on young people documenting stories of seniors. I have been doing this for three years and have found it so rewarding to be the person connecting generations. I love that through partnerships with Griffith University, Swinburne University and Frankston High School that young people have learnt so much from just listening to a senior.

What makes me keep going is passion, the stuff that makes it all worth while. I remember one senior telling me “Bev, when you get old you will find you will become invisible. People don’t see you, they just see a little old lady.” I truly believe no one should feel invisible, everyone should feel important because we all have a story to tell.

So this blog is about the stuff I can’t rant about on Celebrate Living History, this is my personal story of making my dream job as founder of Celebrate Living History sustainable long term.

My big dream is to make Celebrate Living History bigger and of one day having the opportunity of taking on university graduates who have struggled and are aching to do what they are passionate about.

I’m  currently looking for freelance opportunities with skills in copy writing, public relations, customer service, aged care and social media, I can offer a unique and creative perspective.

So if you want to jump on board the Bev train feel free! Its going to be a bumpy but exciting 2015.


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