Will you have coffee with me?

So I’ve been told having coffee with experts in the field is the key to success.

Bev, Jonathan and Melissa

Well to test this theory I’ve decided to stalk my Linked In contacts and line up some coffee dates.

First up was Jonathan Brown who is the education and training manger at SYN FM, which is a youth radio station in Melbourne. Jonathan impressed me with his TED X video Giving Communities a Voice. I really loved that he chatted about his love of community radio from a young age and his grandfather inspired him with farting sound effects. It’s really the simple things that inspire us to take a certain path and it was the sheer joy of seeing his grandfather having fun on radio, which influenced Jonathan.

I decided to invite one of my interns Melissa Haber who is a journalism graduate from Swinburne University, its all about making contacts and I thought if she had an opportunity to meet some of these experts then doors may open for her.

We met at Mr Tulk, which is located in the State Library of Victoria it was kind of like a blind date. I realised that even though I’ve seen Jonathan’s Linked in profile his picture may be totally different to what he looks like in person, photo shop has this great ability of making us look more fabulous than we are!

Anyway lucky for us Jonathan looked like his Linked In profile as he strode through the doors, I was excited it was time for our caffeine fix!

We started chatting about the reasons why I established Celebrate Living History to create opportunities for students to showcase their work as well making seniors feel important by documenting their story.

My mentor Peter mentioned that we should create an exhibition to celebrate war veterans in April. I decided to pick Jonathan’s brains to see if any of his young people would like to be involved by submitting stories.

There are a variety of students who are volunteers at SYN FM from those studying media to high school students, it’s a really good outlet for those eager to join the industry to develop their skills and make good mates.

Jonathan thought it was a good idea and asked me to write a short blurb on the exhibition to share with the students involved at the radio station. Hopefully we attract some great talented students, it would be interesting to hold an exhibition showcasing not only the young people but also the seniors.

All and all it was a great coffee date and I’m looking forward to arranging the next one!


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