Round two of Coffee advice!

So it is round two of my coffee adventures, this time it is with Tim Dunlop who is one of the winners of the Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism.

Tim and Bev
Tim and Bev

I was so excited to meet Tim not only is he one of the winners, but he is the author of The New Front Page: New Media and the Rise of the Audience. 

He also teaches Entrepreneurial Journalism at the University of Melbourne, we met at the Journal which is a coffee shop close to the Centre of Adult Education on Flinders Lane.

Once again I felt like I was on a blind date, I ended up texting Tim to tell him what I was wearing and where in the café I was!

Lucky for me I was spotted straight away, and we moved to a comfy spot next to a few others who were busy typing away on their computer.

Tim with his partner Hugh Martin won $10,000 to build a business and content strategy for the News Franchise, which involves offering professional journalists, community organisations and businesses the chance to operate a fully operational and maintained news site. Originally they applied for the $30,000 grant and are now looking at ways to gain more funding through a loan from the bank.

I was quite eager to pick his brains and discover how they won this funding, it is quite exciting to win the Walkley awards as the winners score a trip to Sydney to meet the Google crew who fund the grant. Personally I would love to bring one of my students with me if we won, it would be such an amazing opportunity to meet with the Google posse.

Tim says the grant is quite competitive but if you write the application in an appealing and clear way then you’re always in with a chance.

I chatted about Celebrate Living History and how I’ve been working on the internship program for three years. Tim said it was great what I have achieved so far as what I have gained is a working model of proof of concept for Celebrate Living History. This means that I’ve rolled out the idea and it has gained some momentum, I can prove that I already have universities and high schools involved and we have organised events like the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition, which involved connecting generations.

Tim mentioned that it is better to apply as a team, but with me this might not matter since I’ve worked on Celebrate Living History mainly solo for so long. I could prove that I could roll with the punches and make things happen despite not having many resources. But to be fair without the help of volunteers and students I really would not have got this far, it has really has been a team effort to make Celebrate Living History last this long. I’m just the one pushing to make things happen.

Tim says learning to pitch is key, especially in the interview round he had to present to judges, Despite having a great idea if Tim did not sell vision of the News Franchise well, then they would have surely failed.

Tim mentioned that I should check out The American Life podcast, which is about how start-ups pitched their ideas to sponsors, I’m looking forward to checking out this little nugget of advice, the whole thought of pitching makes me a tad nervous!

All in all I was grateful that Tim took time out to have a chat and I’m looking forward to working on the Walkley grant! Fingers crossed we are successful; winning this grant would make me so happy and would validate that the Celebrate Living History internship program is worth pursuing! But in saying this I’ll keep going regardless, I truly believe if you follow your heart money will come.


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