Procrastination my friend and foe

I suppose if there is one thing i’m guilty of, it is not focussing when I need to!

Everybody needs good friends, hanging with the folks at the North Gold Coast U3A.
Everybody needs good friends, hanging with the folks at the North Gold Coast U3A.

Now I don’t do this on purpose, it is my curiosity that often leads me into deep procrastination mode.

Just the other day I was investigating statistics for the grant we are applying for and all of a sudden I was looking at an obituary.

I was like Huh? What am I doing and then I thought wow he had an extraordinary life! Then I started dreaming about what life would be if I lived in the 1950s!

Yeah I tend to go way off the track, but then I often find my way back or discover the land of chocolate and green tea! Mmmm chocolate! My friend and enemy how can you taste so good but be so bad?

So back to the subject of digging way to deep! One of my friends had a major giggle when I showed her the book How to say it to Seniors by David Sole M.S P.A, this intellectual has a lot of interesting things to say about how we interact with seniors.

My friend was like “Why are you reading this? Just keep it simple! You interact with seniors all the time.” I replied “True, but its so interesting!”

Now I’m not going to do a book report and in all honesty I’ve read only a small part of the book, but David has some valid points, its funny when we are little all we think of about is moving forward.

All our goals are set in the future and we don’t tend to dwell in the past. All we think about is moving forward such as how to earn the perfect career job or when to create a family.

But when you are a senior this is the time that you pause and reflect on your life, this is the time to look backward and try to assess what life is about.

It is hard to be in senior’s shoes because not everyone can be. I can’t say that I know what an elder is thinking because I’m too young to see.

There was a part in the book where David mentions that he was in a café and a father and son was having breakfast. The father was talking about how he has to apply for the driver’s license again because of his age. He was chatting about what the road rules were like when he was young and some of his fondest memories of driving. The son looked bored and interrupted his father by talking about the current road rules and what his father needs to do to pass.

This resulted in an argument; instead of having a pleasant breakfast together the moment was ruined. What the son did not realise was that his father did not care if he passed or not. It was about being in the moment and enjoying each other’s company not about the future.

What the son should have done is indulged in the memories with his father and asks questions such as “What was it like driving when you were young?” He would have got some great answers and an opportunity to get to know his father better.

I suppose its all about the circle of life, I was chatting to my friend about how everything always comes full circle. We are born and we depend on our parents to live and thrive then we grow old and depend on our children, family or friends to keep going.

I can’t imagine not having any friends or family in my life but for some seniors this is normal. Some of their friends may have passed away or their family might have moved away.

I’m glad there are many senior groups out there because everybody needs friends and someone to talk to. One of the statistics I looked at mentioned that social isolation is equivalent to the health effects of smoking 15 cigarettes a day or consuming more than six alcoholic drinks daily.

Such horrible statistics that inspire me to keep going to make Celebrate Living History a success, I love that I have the opportunity to link young people with seniors. They not only learn from each other but also have the opportunity to spark a friendship.

So on that note, I better get cracking on this grant application, I would love the opportunity to make the Celebrate Living History internship program grow and prosper!


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