The Grammar Bible

I love this grammar guide! I still use it every time i’m editing student’s work 🙂

Bev Wilkinson Times

This is my favourite grammar guide which I have enjoyed since my second year of university. I have definitely lost count of the number of times, I have utilised this bible to assist in editing articles, writing and teaching.

I don’t think i will ever stop using this guide as it covers all the basics and the confusing elements of the English language.

I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I have!

Grammar – The Basics

Word Classes


Nouns are words which refer our thoughts to the things about us. Nouns can identify several features:
1. Number – whether there is singular or plural.
2. Possession – who owns what.
3. Simple or Compound – Simple consist of only one word while compound nouns are often made up of more than one word. Simple nouns include words like sugar, cat, photo while compound nouns include words such…

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