So excited to be featured in the Richard Simpkin exhibition The Locals of Frankston

Me at exhibitionI am so excited to be  in The Locals of Frankston exhibition at Frankston Arts Centre Curved Wall. Richard Simpkin photographed the local characters of Frankston and I was one of them! The exhibition will run from 14 May-27 June 2015.

The story that joins my photograph

Bev Wilkinson is a journalism graduate who discovered the stories of Frankston seniors and turned their tales into an exhibition.

At first it was hard to gain the seniors trust, she rocked up to community groups with most seniors exclaiming, “Are you here to join us?”

Then gradually she started to gain credibility and covered stories from the humble factory worker to a real estate pioneer.

Through covering these stories, she realised that some seniors feel like they are invisible. She realised these stories were a way to make seniors visible and most of all validate that they are important with so much to offer.

This sparked the seed for Celebrate Living History, which is an organisation, focused on bridging the generation gap between seniors and young people.

With passion in her belly she flew to Griffith University on the Gold Coast and spoke with Professor Stephen Stockwell who said yes to interns following in her footsteps and covering the stories of seniors.

Since then she has gone on to involve Swinburne University and recently Frankston High School who submitted stories for the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition held at Cube 37 in 2014.

It is Bev’s dream to continue with Celebrate Living History and not just cover the stories of Frankston residents but seniors on an international level.

She wants to open doors and truly believes that every senior should feel like a rock star. And if she has her way they will be cherished just like they should.


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