Don’t call me I’ll call you

The need for a job that can keep me afloat while working on my dream is what made me work for a call centre.

Online-channel-powered-by-call-centresWhile I have three other jobs, sometimes there are times where there isn’t much work coming in and that’s when I’m somewhat miserable because struggle street is not pretty.

Everyone has to live and I really should not feel guilty that sometimes I want the best things in life, its only human.

So I rocked up to the call centre and immediately wanted to run away. The room looked dark and was rocked by all these voices saying exactly the same thing.

I was ushered into a small room and immediately into a conference with the New Zealand office, as a temp worker I’m used to being thrust into jobs without much training. I’ve done this before there was no need for formal instructions.

The other lady that started with me lasted a grand total of one hour and was fired on the spot for not being able to do the survey in the correct way. I was sitting next to her and while I felt sorry for her it was nice to have a cubical to myself!

Yes I am greedy and love space! It was hard doing a survey when the person next to you is speaking really loudly and I have to speak even louder. It makes for a nice headache at the end of the shift. You know those ones that feel like your head is about to pop open? That is often what I feel like when I either speak too loud or I am in a room full of voices all day!

Soon it came to my break and I was so happy. One of the big bosses quizzed me on the survey and asked if I had any suggestions on how it could be improved. I like the perfect employee said it was fine, just the introduction was too long, while in my head was like “C’mon dude I need to pee, let me out of here!” It’s quite amazing what goes behind the scenes to create a survey. There is so much research between the organisations that hire the market research company to make the survey capture all the data that is required to make a difference, he said it took months to create the survey that I was doing that day.

While I gained a respect for market research, I was really quite eager to have a break, even though it was my first day I was pressured to get more complete surveys done. Two surveys an hour does not sound much, but for me it was really difficult as we were working with business folks who were often too busy. So I spent most of my time rescheduling for appropriate times to take the survey.

In the lunch room I was chatting to a lady that had been working with the market research company for 10 years. I was so amazed that despite the nature of the job she kept coming back every day. This was a way for her to pay off the mortgage and live the life that she wanted. Talking to her reminded me of a story my old lecturer said while I was at university. He told the class the story of a soft drink manufacturer that hired employees to put caps on the bottles. Every day these employees would do the same thing but one day he had to fire everyone despite their 30 years service, they were looking for cheaper more efficient ways to do things. All the employees did not know what to do, this was their life, and I can’t imagine their deep sorrow at not only losing employment but also deciding what now to do with their life.

While she seemed pleasant to chat to, in a way she was rather grumpy. I understand that we all have bills to pay but surely there must be a way to do stuff that you makes you happy all the time.

Maybe I am in dreamland, but I can’t imagine life where I am not living every moment doing what I am happy. We only have one life and for me I don’t want to be at age 60 and look back and think I wish I took a chance, I wish I was doing something that makes me smile every day.

All I need to be happy is a balance, a way to make Celebrate Living History sustainable to not only provide a paid income for myself but for graduates that are smart and excited about the future. That’s my dream to make the impossible possible and I am sure I can, I’ve just got to connect the puzzle pieces.


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