Over the past few weeks I have been delving into books and in a sense studying what direction I need to take in order to be successful.

I’ve always found solace in knowledge and believe that those that have walked the path before us, have so much insight to share. Wisdom can be a powerful thing and the exact incentive to get me out of the rut I feel I am in.

Even though I know I have achieved so much, all the puzzle pieces I have collected, don’t seem to connect. I have created a small community and I am so proud that by creating Celebrate Living History. I have managed to connect young people and seniors over stories. Nothing makes me happier than mentoring students to interview, write and video stories. I just love that I am the person making it happen.

However now I feel somewhat drained and disconnected. I know I need to do more to feel fulfilled. I want to feel that excitement and joy once again.

Without fear and without questioning about where funding will come from. I know one day I will be paid for the skills I have gained but I am unsure how to embark on that path.

I’ve followed my gut most of the time. I’ve done courses I have never imagined I would  do.

I felt like I needed to feel and experience what it was like to live and breath in a nursing home. So I completed a Certificate III in Aged Care, this was the most difficult but rewarding course I have ever done.

Looking back doing placement at the high care facility was really hard. The work was not only physically demanding but it was also mentally draining. But I kept going, I truly believed that I needed the experience and in true style with what I start I have to finish.

Then I had a ache to teach all this knowledge and experience I have gained working with both young people and seniors. So I approached We Teach Me with an idea about a storytelling workshop. They said Yes and I ran my first class with only one student! Even though the class was not worth running money wise, it was great to see how the course content was received. She ended up having a one on one lesson with me. Which was pleasant as I saw that she wanted to learn about writing and how to work with different generations. In that moment I knew that teaching was something I needed to do. I don’t find it hard as all the knowledge I have gained over the past few years easily flows through me.

After that workshop I was interviewed by Laneway Learning to run a class with them. Even though by their standards having eight students was low! But I was so happy that people were interested in what I do enough, that they would rock up and learn about what I do. The class went really well, I was nervous but I did not look it. You know when you find something that your meant to do, when you feel butterflies and can’t sleep the night beforehand? I felt that way running that class, it was something that excited me and made me feel what I have achieved has been worthwhile.

I truly feel that my new path is in the education sector, this is a industry I feel that I know so well. Most of the work with Celebrate Living History involves partnering with Swinburne University, Griffith University and Frankston High School in order to gain these amazing stories on seniors. I already have my foot in the door. Its just a matter of putting all the pieces together and making everything flow together thats the hard part. But I have a feeling i’m nearing the end of the rainbow.

I’ve been very inspired by Scott Dismore who found the courage to pursue his passion and live what he loved to do. He shows that if you really put your mind  to something, then you can make magic happen.



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