Goal Setting for 2016

So I was asked on the stroke of midnight, what are my New Years resolutions?

Usually I don’t have any, sometimes I aim too high and never achieve my goals. Then I feel like crap because while my intentions were good, I did not break my resolution into easy to achieve chunks. The best way is to make a plan and create a timeline of how and when to achieve your goals.

So this time around instead of thinking TOO BIG! I’m going to think in small increments.

Its going to be a bit scary to write my goals in this blog post. But if I write them in my little note book. In a few weeks all my good plans will be hidden under even more notebooks! I have a scary addiction to stationary, especially those with cute dogs! Oh I just love their little faces!

  1. To do a TED X talk 

One of my goals is to spread the word about the importance of connecting generations through storytelling. If there is anything that I have learnt from working with both seniors and young people it is the value of communication. Doing an interview is not just about getting a story. It is about the value of talking and making each other feel valued and most of important. I remember the interview that sparked everything, it was with Dorothy who chatted about her family enjoying the simple joys of having a holiday in what was once the small town of Frankston. It was then I thought it would be sad if this story never got to be shared, which lead to the development of the Celebrate Living History internship program.

Mini Plan

January 2016 

Join a speakers group like Rostrum to be become confident speaking to a group minus using powerpoint as a memory crutch.

June 2016 

Prepare a talk for TED X and practice until every word is perfect.

July 2016 

Create an audition tape to be submitted to TED X.

2. To create workshop content that will appeal to a broader population 

Ok maybe this is a broad goal, its better to have a target market in mind while developing lesson plans!

So far I have conducted workshops on how to document your own family story for future generations. This involved topics which included feature writing, interview skills and positive ageing. I have also worked with the special needs group at the Mt Eliza Community House. I had to cater the session for disabilities so I focussed more on fun activities. Such as creating a story board of the group members which showed a photo next to their mini life story.

I attended a workshop at the Writers Centre to improve this workshop and I have a whole swag of notes on how to make the session more appealing. So far these notes are hidden under a swag of other notebooks! My plan is to dig up these notes and make a lesson plan to pitch to community centres and eventually adult learning centres such as CAE and the Writers Centre.

Mini Plan 

January 2016 

Find the notes and create a 8 week course. Two days a week for three hours (Yep I’m being specific here) (Its easier to work with then adjust according to audience)

Feb 2016 

Ask for feedback from friends and family

Research what community group would be a good fit for the course. What are the most popular courses? How can I make my course appeal to their target group?

March 2016 

Pitch idea to local community centre such as the Frankston North Community Centre and Karingal House.

3. To get out of my comfort zone 

I think one of the reasons why I feel like i’m stuck is that I’m surrounded by the same people all the time. So this year I’m not going to be lazy, I’m going to get out there and mingle. I need to be inspired by people who are doing amazing things (or at least trying)

Mini Plan 

January-Feb 2016 

Join a group in Melbourne which will surround me with amazing people. Not just business people but with those who make stuff happen. No more boring business card networking events! I find with corporate events its more about what you can do for others. Not who you are as a person. The first question I get asked is “What do you do?” Not “How are you?” I want to be about relationship building. Making friendships that can mean much more than just a business card.

4. To wake up early 

The early bird gets the worm as they say! I want to fit more in my day rather than work then struggle to do organisation stuff.

I also need to spend more time in the great outdoors, doing that thing called exercise. I need to walk more and enjoy the benefits of yoga which I love.

5. To every month go somewhere different

I want to explore more! So if that means jumping on a train and going somewhere in Victoria I’ve never been then so be it!

Going somewhere new sparks the creative parts of my brain. So my aim is to nourish my brain with something fun every month.

My usual escape is the Dandenongs. I like to walk the 1000 steps, I find it rewarding to get to the very top. The fresh air also does wonders!






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