When life takes you on a different path.


Vivienne Weston with Bev 

A few months ago, I thought I was on the right path. I was so excited to have discovered the Winston Churchill fellowship. So I worked hard at creating an application with the purpose of connecting with folks who work with seniors and young people from around the United States, Europe and Japan. It took me months to prepare. I got so much help from academics, students and my friends to create an application that was made to pop. To stand out from the rest.

When I did not get asked to do an interview, I was really disappointed. I felt really let down. I felt if only they could see me, then they could see I was really passionate about connecting young people with seniors.

But then I realised that I can do this on my own. I can do anything I set my mind to. I have the power to say yes to myself.

I took it as a good sign that I had four jobs and months to save. Even though it drove me nuts, trying to make all employers happy is not an easy thing! It was crazy trying to juggle everything. The job I had during the week, now wanted me to work on weekends which clashed with my other jobs!

I was going totally and utterly bonkers! But the money was coming! That was the plan.

Suddenly 12 weeks into working so hard, I hit a snag. One of my jobs stopped giving me so many hours. They had taken on new employees that needed to gain on the job experience which meant that everyone got less work.

I was like I could either be really unhappy about losing work. Or I could cherish the time I have to do what I need to do. I had money saved up and just received money back from tax, so I was not worried about daily living expenses.

So now I’m at the fork in the road. I want to do work that all my knowledge and experience  gained from working with seniors and young people can be cherished. In my current jobs, I really do not feel like i’m doing the best I can be.

Ideas really do jump out at me! Everywhere I walked with my dog Ava,  I saw young faces on Real Estate signs. I thought hang on maybe I can develop communication methods of value to young real estate agents working with seniors who want to down size their homes.

So I thought instead of diving in, i’ll ask one of my previous sponsors Vivienne Weston from Ray White Real Estate in Frankston. Its funny we always communicate through email but have never met. It  was great to gain insight into the real estate world to see if my idea would gain any traction.

I discovered that every time Ray White have a elderly client they get one of their experienced real estate agents to assist, which puts the senior at ease. Most of the real estate agents are between 18-35 years old. They often start as a cadet and then move on from there.

Vivienne said while my idea would not help her, that I could be of benefit to those starting out in the real estate industry. Most of the folks they hire are from Chisholm TAFE.

So now my next step is to see if I can chat to someone running an agents representative and Certificate IV in property services. To see if I can provide a module of value. I have a Certificate in training and assessment and I am quite keen to teach what I have learnt over the five years of running Celebrate Living History.

I just hope this will lead to a path that I am happy with. That I will have an opportunity to really excel in a job that values my knowledge and expertise.

I am not looking backwards, Only forwards thats where the good stuff happens.















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