Me at exhibitionHello my name is Bev Wilkinson and this is a blog about my personal journey.

For the past four years I have founded Celebrate Living History which is an internship program focussed on connecting young people and seniors to document stories.

During this time I have developed many skills and maintained many relationships that I am proud of.

Everything that I have done has been because of my desire to not only connect generations but to use my communication skills gained from university. Nothing makes me happier than being able to offer an opportunity for both young and old to connect over a good story.

However now I feel a bit lost. I started this journey in 2012 and there is part of me that is aching for a new challenge. A spark that will make me truly happy.

Now is the time to decide to keep going or to create something totally new. I hope this blog will bring new insight and ignite the passion that I need.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to finding who I am.

Below is Kate one of my good friends who I have known since 2001. We met at the Luna Park interview and she has been one of my main supporters today.

Next is Andrew Denton and myself at a Wheeler Centre event. This is a man that i’ve admired since my Griffith University days. I tell all my students that if there having trouble doing an interview to study Andrew’s videos. He is a master journalist and really is the best in his field.







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